Case Study: Max Options Trading


Client Background

Max Options Trading (MOT) is a premier community of investors. Members of the MOT Discord community have access to exclusive educational resources and trade alerts to help them grow their investment portfolios.

The Problem & Initial Plan

Max Options Trading came to us in July of 2020 in need of membership growth and automation.

They had a few hundred members in three membership tiers, a manual system for approving new members & removing canceled memberships that were eating up the owner’s time, a good website, and a large following on only one social platform.

After an initial consultation, we realized that MOT needed help improving their website, optimizing their product offering, creating a marketing funnel, and adding automation to their membership systems.

We presented MOT with a 6-month plan of attack to systematically implement every form of marketing and every system necessary to meet their goals.

Our initial plan included adding automation to manage members and free up MOT’s owner’s time, paid ads on Google & Facebook to increase memberships, adding new products to increase client lifetime value (CLV), email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and website development.

The Goals

  • Increase memberships using paid marketing strategies & sales funnel optimization
  • Add automation to manage members when they join/cancel/change membership type
  • Develop new product offerings to increase the CLV of each member

The Implemention & Results

We started by implementing a new automation system that automatically adds new members to the MOT Discord server and removes them when they cancel their memberships. The system also allows members to make changes to their memberships by logging into their accounts on MOT’s website.

Once that system was in place, we suggested reducing membership options to just the two most popular to decrease the buyer’s decision-making process. Then we started running ads on both Facebook & Google to drive new members. To date, the cost per new member is under $50 meaning profitability in month one. We followed this up by helping develop new products to increase CLV and launching them.

We’ve continued to grow our working relationship with MOT and now manage their entire website, advertising strategy, email list, and more. We’ve smashed all of our goals and continue to build Max Options Trading into an industry behemoth.

Most recently, after helping MOT develop a free online video course, we’ve grown their YouTube from 0 subscribers to over 2,000 in just a few months.

With Max, we’ve put together a multi-year plan to continue to grow his business and expand into new products.

“I have used Watson Digital for quite some time now for my company. Everything has been above and beyond the scope of work I have required…They are professional, caring, and always reliable.” – Max Heaney Owner of MOT