Case Study: Max Options Trading


Client Background Max Options Trading (MOT) is a premier community of investors. Members of the MOT Discord community have access to exclusive educational resources and trade alerts to help them grow their investment portfolios. The Problem & Initial Plan Max Options Trading came to us in July of 2020 in need of membership growth and […]

3 Ways To Use Your “Thank You” Page To Drive More Sales

Everyone has a thank you page (or at least they should). Most do not use theirs to their full extent. Why does it matter? Because you could be potentially leaving a lot of money on the table. A good Thank You page can add a lot of value, yet people create theirs as an afterthought, […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Visual Ads (Graphic & Video)

While there are numerous ways to increase visual ad performance, for example optimizing headlines and descriptions, the optimization of a visual ad begins with the graphic or video design. In this guide, we will cover tips to creating highly effective graphic image ads and highly effective video ads. The first tip is to create multiple […]

How To Optimize Your Website’s Conversion Rate By Increasing User Experience

Between product production, shipping orders, customer service, marketing, and business maintenance, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends in conversion rate optimization on your website. User experience is a crucial element to your brand’s identity yet it is easily neglected.  In today’s marketplace, businesses spend a large portion of their marketing […]